Roaccutane (Isotretinoin) Experience- 2 Month

Hello my lovelies, here is my 2 month update on my Roaccutane journey. So, if you haven’t read my previous blog post, you wont have a clue what this one’s about… unless of course you’re here for some moral support, and again I will say ‘I commend you’.


So… what you waiting for? if you haven’t read it read it now! it’s a little (too) honest and also a little bit of a personal one, but that’s how I plan to document this journey, with no dignity and absolutely no shits to give.

Read my previous blog post here

Welcome back or thanks for carrying on reading. Since my last blog post a lot has changed, not just my skin. I got a fringe and a little less spotty, but there have also been a lot of other changes in my life… some good some bad.

You might have noticed my weekly outfit posts have been a little absent, don’t worry they’re not gone forever but I’ve just given my self a little break, not a break from shopping, because how else would I make myself feel better? I’ve got tons of new outfits to share with you and as my skin starts to get a little better, I’m feeling more inclined to get in front of the camera again. So keep tuned.

So, if you haven’t already guessed by the title its been 2 months, I should probably stop rambling and actually get to the point. I had my 2 month check up with my dermatologist this week and he took one look at my red raw, cracked to pieces lips and said ‘yep it looks like it’s doing its job’ to which I replied ‘please tell me this gets better’ and we had a little chuckle about the amount of different lip balms I’ve purchased since being on Roaccutane. After that I took a pregnancy test and then took a sigh of relief when it came back negative, as I mentioned before it’s extremely important to avoid pregnancy when taking Roaccutane. I was then measured and weighed, I might not be pregnant but god do I feel fat and I definitely wasn’t looking forward to this part, because I haven’t been in the gym for a few months and I’ve been eating my body weight in crisps (no change there) and before I get people saying wahhhh no wonder you have bad skin you eat shit. You have no idea so stop right there.

Much to my surprise, my dermatologist explained that he didn’t want to up my dosage from 20mg to anything higher, as this was the correct dosage for my weight. I had mixed emotions about this, I was disappointed because I kind of wanted a higher dose,  it would be stronger and hopefully put up a better fight against my acne, However I was also relieved as it would make my already ruined lips a whole lot worse along with increasing other side effects. I’ve had a few new side effects this month, and my existing side effects have stuck around- Dry Lips, Dry Skin, Tiredness, Muscle Ache, Moods and itchy/dry skin are the most prominent issues I’ve faced this month. All as irritating as the next.

2 months on Roaccutane means I’m a third of the way through. 4 months left and hopefully once this is all over I’ll never again have to rely on lip balm, as much as I do right now. God I can’t wait to finally be able to wear lipstick again, I’m going to become the next Candice (except I definitely can’t bake as well, or at all really).

It’s not all doom and gloom though, things have been looking up since last month. I didn’t believe this until I looked at the photo of my skin I took after 1 month on Roaccutane. I am starting to see improvements… my skin is still shit, but it’s less shit. My face isn’t as painful and swollen and my break outs have calmed down. My skin isn’t clear, and me being hopeful, I really thought it would be. I guess things worth waiting for take time. I’ve taken progress pictures, mainly for my own sanity, so I can re-assure myself that it’s getting better. Currently I am completely opposed to sharing them, they are 100% not for public viewing. It’s one thing writing about the state of my face, and there is grossing you all out with it.

So my next Roaccutane update will be Month number 3… Half way there.

Any Advice I have given in this blog post is from personal experience, I am not an expert but I have Personally found it really helpful to read other peoples experiences, so I thought why not share mine.



“Wake up and smell the roses”













  1. Claire
    January 10, 2017 / 10:41 pm

    Hi Isla! I’ve really been enjoying these posts and started roaccutane only a few days after you. Will there be no more updates on your experience?

    • islabenzie
      January 31, 2017 / 12:44 pm

      Hi Claire, Thanks for your message and I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. I’m going to be posting an update this week, so keep your eyes peeled. I hope Roaccutane is going okay for you.

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