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Hello and welcome to my little space on the wide world web. You may have stumbled across my little blog by accident, but you’ve now found yourself on my about page so I must of encouraged you to stick around, thanks for that.


I called my blog Isla Roses, for obvious reasons really‚Ķ My name is Isla and my middle name is Rose. Since I can remember I have always been nicknamed Rosie by my family, and I guess it just kind of stuck. I’m also a sucker for Roses, I mean what girl doesn’t love a big bunch of roses, and not just on valentines day but all year round.

If you say Isla Roses fast enough it even sounds like I love roses (or is that just me?)

My blog is going to be my space to ramble on, about a bit of everything I love, in the hope that someone may be the slightest bit interested in what I have to say. I’m a self confessed shopaholic and crisp addict and I love fashion, beauty, food and travel.


Isla Roses






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