Christmas Gift Guide for Her 2017

Did someone say Christmas? You betcha they did! Hip pip hurrah! It’s that time of the year again, the Baileys it out, the Christmas tree’s up.

So answering the question ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ can be a tricky one. When you become financially independent the things you need and generally want you’ve already bought yourself. Unless it’s way out of your budget, and as much as I’d love to ask for a Range Rover and a cute country cottage, I’ve got a fat chance of getting either wrapped up under my Christmas tree.

And if there’s is anything harder than knowing what you want, it’s knowing what to buy for someone who doesn’t know what they want. She might say ‘I don’t want anything’, but trust me she wants something.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a girl that loves her fashion or you need a little inspo for your festive wardrobe then look no further. Here are my top 10 (+1) must buy presents for her (me) this Christmas.

Christmas Gift Ideas for her

1. Warehouse Velvet Sequin High Neck Dress

2. Desenio French Kiss Art 

3. Warehouse Chainmail Bag

4. H&M Cushion 

5. Red Leather Stiletto Heel Ankle Boots

6. Lazy Oaf Rainbow Roll Neck Sweater 

7. Zara Aviator Jacket – Similar Jacket from Boohoo HERE

8. WRST BHVR Superstars Cardigan Black

9. Warehouse Star Print Skirt

10. Vans Originals 

11. FILA Cream Cropped Teddy Jumper 


If you’re looking for that killer outfit for your christmas do or the perfect dress to see you into the new year then check out Warehouses’ full party range Christmas party outfits.

If you’ve got something special that you’re hoping for this Christmas? Please let me know what it is by commenting below. Or why not drop me a message me on Instagram, I’d love to hear all your christmas wishes.

**This is a sponsored post** But all opinions and recommendations are my own (I love and NEED every single item)


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