Roaccutane Update Month 3 and Month 4


So I know this is long overdue, but life got on top of me a little bit and with my skin taking a turn for the better. I felt less inclined to release my monthly rant. I know it’s not just a rant, but you know what I mean. So things are going well, still not Beyonce. I definitely didn’t wake up like this… Flawless. But I’m getting there.

I’m not a patient person, so this process has been frustrating to say the least. One thing I’ve wanted since I can remember is clear skin and unfortunately I can’t pop online and purchase that, trust me I’ve tried. Seeing as Month 3 and 4 have been pretty much the same I thought it made sense to compile them into one blog post. So as I mentioned before month 1 & 2 I saw my skin going from being a little shit to the worst it had ever been. Roaccutane was making me spottier… but apparently this was normal for a percentage of people and of course I was that percentage. I got myself a fringe to cover the majority of it up, which has now grown out in perfect time for my clear skin.

Enough about the past if you want to know more then head over and read my month 1 and my month 2 blog posts. For now lets talk about month 3 and month 4.

So… Month 3, you gave me hope. I finally realised that maybe Roaccutane was going to work for me, and sticking with it is the right thing to do. I still had a few spots which would appear, go away and then pop right back up again. I learnt to get used to these being on my face, it was okay. I wasn’t angry I was still getting spots because 3 spots is better than 3 on my chin alone. My skin was super Dry this month a mixture of both the medication and the crisp mornings, was never going to let me off scotch free. In my 3 month consultation I had the usual questions, passed over my usual urine sample. My Dermatologist was happy with my progress but wanted to see me again as I was still getting small breakouts. So now we lead onto month 4.

And Month 4, this month I finally found confidence in my skin again. I went out for the first time in what felt like forever, bare faced and not even embarrassed. My makeup started to work wonders again and I swapped my trusty double wear for a lighter more dewy coverage. Everyone was telling me “Isla your skin looks great” and I wasn’t even embarrassed to say “I know it’s fabulous” It’s okay to give yourself self praise sometimes. For my month 4 check up everything went as normal, I was keen to ask about the redness on my face, praying it wasn’t scaring and hoping to find a solution. My dermatologist re-assured me my acne hadn’t left any permanent scaring and the redness was basically the spots leaving nice little stains on their departure, these will simply fade with some sun he said. Ironic that, I’m not allowed too much sun exposure. The one thing that gets rid of it I can’t have… guess it’s time to book a sunny vacation for 2 months time, great excuse! Despite that minor irritation, he was so happy my with my skin, he said he didn’t need to see me again. He said there where a few more spots to come up, which I have now had the pleasure of meeting. But after that my skin will only get better. Onwards and upwards!

I still wake up and look in the mirror and can’t wait to put a full face of slap on, I’m not 100% happy with my face when it’s makeup free but I guess most people arn’t. Whether they have good skin or not. I have plenty of friends who think they look crappy without makeup. Whilst I’m staring at they’re flawless skin thinking “are you mad?”. I do love makeup, it’s creative and god can you transform yourself, getting glammed up is always fun. But I also love nothing more than that feeling of taking of my make-up off and putting on my Pj’s.

So guys I only have 2 months left… a little less than that now I guess, how exciting! So once again I hope you’ve found this post useful, and if you’re not on Roaccutane then I hope it was a little informative.

Any Advice I have given in this blog post is from personal experience, I am not an expert but I have Personally found it really helpful to read other peoples experiences, so I thought why not share mine.


“Wake up and smell the roses”




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